The Summit County Resource Allocation Park, also known as the SCRAP, is home to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where all the materials collected from the recycling drop-off centers come to be organized, bailed, and shipped. It is also home to the High Country Compost Facility and the landfill.

General Info: 

639 Landfill Rd. Dillon CO 80435
Landfill Services: M-Sat 6AM – 6PM
All Other Services: M-Sat 7AM – 4PM


All of the recyclables collected at the Summit County drop sites or picked up from local haulers are taken to the MRF. The items are then sorted and bailed for shipment.

Hard to recycle items and household hazardous waste materials such as batteries, tvs, and paint are also accepted. If you are a Summit County resident, household hazardous waste items and electronics are free to drop at the MRF with proof of residency. 

High Country Compost

The High Country Compost Facility is where food scraps from homes, schools, and businesses are transported and transformed into Grade A, high-nutrient High County Compost. This compost (perfect for boosting your garden, house plants, or yard) is available to purchase. Click here for more information about purchasing local compost.

Sign up to collect your own food scraps for compost.

The Landfill

Everything that is thrown into a trash can in Summit County ends up in the landfill. It is a common misconception that materials in landfills break down. Before you throw it into the garbage, make sure your waste cannot be composted or recycled. By keeping waste out of the landfill we are able to make extend its life and keep our pristine mountain environment clean.


See for yourself what happens to recyclables after you drop them off at the recycling center or how food scraps get transformed into High Country Compost. Join HC3 for a tour of the SCRAP. Available to school groups, community groups, students, families, and more.

To schedule a tour, please contact Hayden van Andel at (970) 668.5703.

A big thanks to the Copper Environmental Foundation for generously supporting the design and construction of the interpretive displays at the SCRAP and Breckenridge Recycling Center.

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