I live in:  Breckenridge since 2005.
    I work at:  the Family Intercultural Resource Center, some non profit consulting, yoga teaching and full time mom!
    I joined the board:  in January 2019
    I joined the board because: I believe that making a meaningful environmental impact starts with local change and individual action. I want to be a part of preserving our resources for future generations.
    My passion is:  Being outdoors in our natural world; rafting, fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, biking.
    My favorite “green” thing to do is:  I love the feeling of doing ‘micro sweeps’ in campgrounds and finding tiny bits of trash to clean up. I know its weird, but I strive to leave a place cleaner than it was before I got there.
    The craziest thing I have ever done in the name of sustainability: Probably joining the HC3 Board, because I believe in the work so much!

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