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Our mission is to promote practical solutions for waste reduction
and resource conservation in our mountain community.

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Ask Eartha

Ask Eartha: How can my kids get outdoors and give back to our community?

Dear Eartha, It’s the last week of school! I’m excited for my kids to spend quality time outdoors this summer, but I’d also like them to give back to the community. Do you have any suggestions? – Carly, Dillon Carly, what a great idea! Volunteering is an excellent habit to instill in young people, and […]

ASK EARTHA: What should I know about installing solar on my home?

Dear Eartha, I’m considering installing solar on my home in Breckenridge. What things should I consider as I head down this road? -Dave, Breckenridge Thank you for your question this week. In recent years, we’ve seen a steep increase in residential solar photovoltaic installations across the nation. As utility prices for residential energy generally continue […]

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