Do you want reduce your food waste but don’t know where to start?
HC3’s Food Scrap Recycling program provides a convenient way to compost at home and at work.

What is it?

The Food Scrap Recycling program allows residents to compost their food scraps without the mess of backyard composting. Simply drop your food waste in the compost bins at the Breckenridge and Frisco Recycling Centers, and we do the rest! Food scraps are taken by Timberline Disposal to the High Country Compost facility located at the SCRAP where they are turned into nutrient-rich soil.

Your participation in this program helps minimize methane emissions, a greenhouse gas, produced by food decomposing in landfills. Composting also creates a close-looped system wherein uneaten food is turned into a valuable soil-amendment.


Buy Local Compost

Have you seen our community gardens? The abundance of vegetables and salad greens are due to great soil! You, too, can have great soil by purchasing locally made compost from the High Country Compost Facility at the landfill near Keystone. The compost starts with biosolids and food waste. It is then mixed with chips from mountain pine beetle kill – one solution to deal with a substantial amount of dead trees. Nutrient-rich compost starts at $19 a cubic yard. This compost meets all STA Class I certifications. For more info about the High Country Compost product, please click here or contact (970) 468-9263 x 0.

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