Nancy’s Community Garden

Nancy’s Community Garden

Nancy's - Frisco

Location: Frisco Community & Senior Center; 83 Nancy’s Pl. Frisco, CO
Established in 2010
19 Plots/50 Gardeners

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Nancy’s Community Garden consists of 3 greenhouese (60′ long by 14′ wide). The first greenhouse is dedicated to 19 community garden plots. The greenhouses are not open to the public but you are welcome to contact us about the garden for more information or tours.

Because Nancy’s Garden is located in a greenhouse, gardeners are responsible for opening and closing the greenhouses for airflow ventilation and heat management. Each gardener commits to 20 shifts during the season which are overseen by the garden steering committee. If you do not complete your 20 shifts, you DO NOT receive your $50 deposit back. 

2017 Application  Timeline
March 1st – 31st: Garden Applications open to returning Gardeners only.
April 1st: Garden Applications available to the public.
April 30th: All payments for submitted applications due.
May 31st: Garden Application deadline.
Plots Fees/Deposits
  • $100 includes a plot fee and $50 deposit in the event that the gardener is unable to copmplete his/her garden shifts.
  • Garden plot fees go towards the overall maintenance of the community garden, water and other garden expenses (community tools, liability insurance, garden administration, and general operation).
  • Plot fees do not include the cost of seeds, organic soil amendments, approved organic fertilizers, or plants starts for your plot.
  • Deposits will be returned to the gardener 30 days after completeion of garden shifts. The Nancy’s gardener will have until October 31, 2017 to complete garden shifts for a return of their deposit.
  • Deposits will NOT roll over into the following gardening season.


For more info, please contact Dominique.