Grow to Share

Objective: To provide healthy, fresh produce to Summit County residents in need and to provide education to participants on the benefits of local, fresh, and healthy foods.


Formerly known as the FDP, the Grow to Share program has become a formal program of the High Country Conservation Center and Summit Community Garden Network. The GTS offers the community gardens a way to minimize food waste or surplus while supporting families in need. All surplus produce is donated to WIC and FIRC. Produce is offered directly to clients at home visits and nutritional office appointments. Nutritional education is provided during those appointments.

2015 Grow to Share accomplishments include:

  • Over 300 bags of fresh produce were handed out at 234 nutritional office visits.
  • Office visits included nutritional education and food preparation information.
  • HC3 and FIRC interns both worked on the program coordinating volunteers, growing and harvesting, weighing and distributing produce.
  • Held 5 educational workshops
  • A total of 14 families attended the workshops which were hosted in both English and Spanish and each family received a packet of seeds and compost soil to grow food at home.

Gardeners are encouraged to donate any surplus produce, especially when they are away on vacation. At each of the gardens there is a representative that can, on request, lightly harvest donors’ garden plots. Otherwise gardeners can drop off food in coolers located at each of the gardens.

Partners: High Country Conservation Center, Summit Community Garden Network, Summit County W.I.C, FIRC, Summit County Public Health, P.A.N.T.S., Colorado Mountain College

For more information, or to volunteer for the program, please contact Jessie Burley.