Take Action

Do you have an idea or want to voice your opinion about an issue important to you? We encourage you to become involved and take action! Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Know the issue inside and out including the context (i.e. the relevance to other issues or systems). Search for stakeholders on both sides so that you better understand the positions, pros/cons, and possible impacts of a given action. For a place to start your research, check out Serious Sustainability.
  • Before approaching decision-makers, have a plan in place that shows how much research you’ve done. If you can approach your representatives with a course of action that is well thought out and takes into consideration future impacts, you’re more likely to get their attention.
  • Understanding the context of the issue will give you a better idea as to who you want to approach first. Decision-makers reside at all levels of government, so understanding if you’re dealing with a municipal, county, state, or federal issue is important for your course of action. Below is a list of initial points of contact for our various levels of government in Summit County.
  • How to write your legislator:

    • Address your letter or email “The Honorable (full name of Legislator)”.
    • Keep it brief.
    • Identify yourself and your relation to the legislator’s district.
    • Get to the point about your issue by addressing your support for or opposition to current legislation. If no legislation is pending, have a proposal or suggestion at the ready.
    • Relate it back to your community and the community of the legislator that you’re writing. Personable is more effective than a laundry list of pros or cons.
    • Finally, allow for follow up by providing your contact information. If you have a good proposal, you might just get a call from Washington or Denver!

Who do you want to contact?

Summit County Town Councils


Summit County Government
Board of County Commissioners

2017 Colorado State Representative – House District 61
Millie Hamner, State Representative
(303) 866-2952

2017 Colorado State Senator – Senate District 8
Randy Baumgardner, State Senator
(303) 866-5292

2017 U.S. Senator
Cory Gardner, Colorado Senator
(202) 224-5941

2017 U.S. Senator 
Michael Bennet, Colorado Senator
(202) 224-5852

2017 U.S. Congress
Jared Polis, Congressman
(303) 484-9596